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Ellen Brenneman Studio, LLC

Ellen Brenneman, wildlife artist

Ellen Brenneman is a multimedia artist, specializing in subjects that enhance appreciation for the natural world. Her use of saturated color and texture charms and inspires those with a desire to feel more connected to the animals and planet they love. Preferring vivid and intense color combinations, she captures the spirit of the subjects she paints. 


Ellen's artwork can be found in businesses and private collections across North America, Europe and Australia. She lives in Northern Indiana with husband Craig and their Golden retrievers Maven and Beckett. 


The Company I Keep

In a world often marked by fast-paced lifestyles and technological distractions, this painting serves as a testament to the enduring value of simplicity, love, and the companionship that animals bring into our lives. It focuses on the importance of cherishing these precious moments and recognizing the unique role that pets play in enriching our existence. 

The Storyteller.jpg
Dont Forget Who You Are.jpg

The Journey is Worth the Reward.jpg





I need more stars to give justice to the great work that Ellen does. She brings out the special messages that nature has to offer.



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