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Donkey Spirit Animal

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Donkeys are social, hard-working animals. They’re also good judges of character. They will gladly be of service, but only if there is a balance of trust and respect within their relationships. Donkeys will not be talked into doing something they disagree with or find dangerous.

When you receive this card: Indecisiveness occurs when the Ego is in conflict with the Higher Self. The Ego fuels the mind with constant chatter until it overflows with feelings of doubt, anxiety or self-importance. Once this happens it can be difficult to separate reality from illusion. You alone have the authority to make decisions about what is right for you. When hesitation or confusion persists, the Spirit of Donkey encourages you to quiet your waking mind and trust the light within; therein lies the answers to everything you seek.

~from the Power Animals of the Planet Oracle Deck and Companion Guide

by Ellen Brenneman

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