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Hawk Symbolism:

Hawks are majestic birds often seen soaring effortlessly in the sky. They can also be found perched high atop tree branches so they can look out into the landscape beyond. Gifted with extraordinary eyesight, Hawks have the ability to see nearly eight times greater than the human eye. The smallest of prey is easily spotted from up to 100 feet in the air, tracked and snatched from the ground in mere seconds.

If you are facing a challenge that has left you feeling overwhelmed or depleted the Spirit of Hawk is offering herself as a strong ally who will protect and guide you with her wings. Her message for you is to disregard the immediate issue at hand; instead, focus on the outcome. Soaring high above the earth, Hawk does not concentrate on what is directly in front of her; she focuses her gaze far and wide, which allows her to see things from a greater perspective. She wants you to know that no matter what obstacle you are facing, in the end all will be well. Calm your fears and call upon Hawk; she will pilot the way.

~Ellen Brenneman

from the Power Animals of the Planet Oracle Deck and Companion Guide

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