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Sheep Spirit Animal oracle card

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Sheep are remarkable animals with keen vision. Their eyes give them the unique

ability to see what’s behind them without turning their heads. Species such as

Bighorn Sheep are agile climbers, needing only a couple of inches of footing to scale

rugged and steep mountainsides. Sheep have been part of our language for centuries. Whether in nursery rhymes (Little Bo Peep) or familiar phrases (two shakes of

a lamb's tail) Sheep often represent childlike innocence and wonder.

When you receive this card: The past is offering valuable insight to your present situation. The Spirit of Sheep is encouraging you to use sharp eyes and keen sensibility to reflect on the past; doing so will help you plan your next move. If the idea of looking ahead feels a bit daunting, allow Sheep to help you find your footing. You can only balance on the same ledge for so long; forge ahead without fear and leap to new heights.

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