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Wolf Spirit Animal Oracle Card

Wolves are social animals who live together in a group called a pack. They are nocturnal

and rely on their keen eyesight to aid them in maneuvering through unfamiliar territory

at night. Wolves maintain strong bonds within their pack; they play together, teach their young and care for their elderly. They also depend on one another for safety and survival. It’s not uncommon for a wolf to sacrifice her own life for the sake of the pack.

When you receive this card:

You may be feeling weary over a matter at hand, especially if you are unable to foresee

what the outcome will be. Remain faithful and keep moving forward even if it feels as

though you are stumbling in darkness. Do not fret, there is light ahead. Allow the

Spirit of Wolf to guide and protect you through this unfamiliar terrain; she is a

most loyal ally and will remain by your side until things become clear.

~from the Power Animals of the Planet Oracle deck by Ellen Brenneman

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