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This colorful animal memory game is sure to be a hit with little ones or adults. The images are engaging and spark vivid conversations about the animals we share our planet with. Each animal in this set is from my popular Spirit Animal series of paintings. This set is more than a matching game; it offers wonderful teaching opportunities about colors, art, interpretation, and wildlife. 




• this large set contains a whopping 25 cards to match - a total of 50 cards.  

• The images you'll find in this set include: Chicken, Guinea Pig, Hippo, Rooster, Honeybee, Duck, Elephant Fox, Tortoise, Deer, Cheetah, Cow, Butterfly, Squirrel, Frog, Bear, Octopus, Otter, Giraffe, Rabbit, Mouse, Raccoon, Hummingbird, Prairie Dog, Owl

• 2.5 x 2.5 inch square cards with rounded corners

• Heavy paper stock

• Gloss finish

• Promotes concentration, focus and improves visual recognition

• increases cognitive development, working memory and problem-solving

• cards are safely stored in an accompanying eco-friendly, cotton drawstring bag. 


Complimentary shipping to US residents


Colorful Animal Memory Game

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