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This is an original mixed media painting on watercolor paper.  Materials used: watercolor paper, scrapbook and Japanese papers, photography, ribbon, ink pen, acrylic paint, pastel pencil, canvas.

This painting was completed in early February, 2023, after having read an article discussing how this particular month tends to be the most challenging of the year due to the lack of sunshine and cold temperatures of winter. I spent a good deal of time contemplating the background, and painted several that didn't feel quite right. In the end, the perfect scene came to me while driving before dawn one early morning when I spotted a murder of crows filling the darkened sky above me. This sparked the memory of a dream I'd had the night before: I was told that anytime I saw a flock of birds in the sky, it was a reminder that angels were watching over me. 

Hand-signed by the artist. 


Title: Chronicles of a Midnight Sky

Size: 11" x 14" 
Painted on 3/4 inch canvas. A sawtooth hanger has been installed in the back for easy hanging. 

Complimentary shipping. 


Original mixed media painting: Chronicles of a Midnight Sky

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