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Power Animals of the Planet pocket-sized oracle deck was designed to encourage and nurture a meaningful connection with the animals we share our planet with. This is the MINI edition, containing NEW artwork and several animals not included in the standard size Power Animals of the Planet oracle deck.


Animals honored in this deck are: Cat, Sandhill Crane, Deer, Raccoon, Hippo, Owl, Crow, Black Leopard, Mouse, Fox, Dog, Hummingbird, Koala Bear, Rabbit, Red Panda, Hamster, Guinea Pig, Octopus, Chicken, Prairie Dog, Squirrel, Blue-footed Booby, Honeybee, Horse, Elephant, Bear, Bat, Polar Bear, Otter, Cow, Cheetah, Gazelle, Giraffe, Whale, Frog, Snake, Rat, Wolf, Opossum, Pig.

ABOUT THIS SET:This miniature-sized, 'pocket' oracle deck was inspired by my Power Animals of the Planet oracle deck. It consists of 40 cards plus instruction card. One or two power words accompany each animal, offering additional reflection and guidance. Because this is a smaller deck, it is perfect for travel, or, if you're frequently on-the-go and wish to keep your cards close at hand. Simply shuffle, pull a card and open yourself up to the message each animal has to offer you.  Cards are square, roughly 2.5 x 2.5 inches, and have lovely, rounded corners; they fit perfectly in the palm of the hand. Card stock has a nice sturdy feel with a beautiful gloss finish that enriches the colors of the artwork.


✨Also included is a rustic wooden oracle card holder. Use it to display your chosen card-of-the-day or one of your favorite animals in the deck. Please note that the holder you receive may vary from what is shown in the photo(s).✨Your cards will arrive in a beautiful drawstring pouch. It was designed with a soft fabric and round bottom to keep them safe and secure.

© Ellen Brenneman Studio

Power Animals of the Planet Mini Oracle deck

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