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Cat was created as part of my spirit animal series and is now available as a fine art print. Size: 11 inches wide by 14 inches high. 


The Spirit of Cat:

Anyone who owns a cat likely already knows a good deal about Cat symbolism, for they often possess the qualities their owners admire most: they are free spirited, patient and curious. Cats are respected for their independence; no matter what happens, they always seem to land on their feet. 
When confronted with a situation, Cat asks us to be patient; weigh all the options; observe. Once all sides of the issue are considered, then should we pounce and tackle the problem. Cat is an excellent one to bring us the message of knowing when to say ‘No’. Cats will consider a request, but if it does not align with their best interest, they walk away. We too, need to be mindful of not over-extending ourselves for the sake of others. Cat reminds us that self preservation is not selfishness, rather a necessity for survival. 
Be open to exploration; nurture your wanderlust. Be patient and trust your instincts. Be free. Be Like Cat. 

~Ellen Brenneman

Spirit of Cat

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