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An original painting of a tree frog painted by Ellen Brenneman.  This sweet little guy was created especially for those who feel a strong connection to Frogs. 

Frog Symbolism: 

Frog moves gracefully between two worlds. She's hopping on land one moment and leaping into water the next. One splash and she is purified, restored. Frog symbolizes transformation. Major changes take place as she makes her way from tadpole to adulthood; what a magical thing to be able to exist as two different beings in one lifetime. We too, have the gift of renewal and can move graciously from one stage of our lives to the next. All we need is to be receptive to change.

Be restored; feel renewed - be transformed. Be Like Frog.
~Ellen Brenneman


Painted on YUPO paper using acrylic and india inks. Size: 9x12 inches.  Hand-signed by the artist.  Any watermark you see within my images is for copyright purposes only and will not be present in your painting. 


Spirit of the Frog