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This is a fine art print of my painting, 'The Spirit of the Wolf.' The size is 11x14 inches.

Wolf Symbolism:

Wolves are loyalists. They mate for life, they are fierce in unwavering devotion and have been known to sacrifice their own lives for the sake of the pack. They live by a strong set of rules and understand their place within the hierarchy of the pack; even so, wolves are protective of their sense of individuality. 
Wolves roam during the night and the Spirit of Wolf encourages us to face our fear of the unknown, of things we cannot see. In order to grow we must keep moving forward and trust that, instinctually, we will follow the right path.
Be disciplined but also be willing to trust your instincts. Be open to learning and pass that knowledge on to others. Be loyal without losing your free spirit - Be Like Wolf.

~Ellen Brenneman


The Spirit of the Wolf

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