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Koala Spirit Animal

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Koalas lead a simple and structured life. They are most commonly found clinging to the trees from which their beloved eucalyptus grows. When they aren’t eating, Koalas require a great deal of rest in order to properly digest their food. They are known to sleep up to 19 hours each day.

When you receive this card:

The Spirit of Koala is reminding you of how important it is to protect your wellbeing during times of stress. In today’s busy and quick-paced world it’s easy to take on too many obligations which may cause you to feel depleted and frazzled. Periods of

anxiety and/or depression are signs that can multiply quickly when the pressures of life are heavy. During times like these Koala asks you to support your well-being by practicing mindful moments throughout the day. Whether lingering over a cup of coffee or enjoying a short walk in nature, simple time-outs are beneficial to your overall health which will leave you feeling more in control despite the chaos.

~from the Power Animals of the Planet Oracle Deck and Companion Guide by Ellen Brenneman

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